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Still wondering what engagement or wedding ring to get? Do you like the look of gold but do not want to spend a fortune on buying a ring, especially at this moment?. Well, look no further, we at Accessories of Envy have the answer. Whether, you want a permanent or a temporary solution we can help you. Our range of engagement and wedding 18ct Gold Filled rings does exactly that! Read on for more benefits, facts and care instructions ...

Gold filled designs have the advantage of providing excellent long term wear durability of solid gold products without the weight and higher costs. In most cases, a gold filled item can be repaired if damaged or badly scratched. Unlike gold plated products, the thicker cladding used on gold filled items can also be carefully repolished several times
without exposing the underlying base metal.


Nikel Free, Non-Allergic, Not easily tarnished

What is the difference between gold filled and gold plated jewellery?
The most important difference is gold layer thickness. Items designated as “gold filled” can be up to 100 times thicker than the heaviest gold plating available today! Gold filled items are created by using heat and pressure to permanently fuse a layer of karat gold over a less costly base metal (such as brass). The layer of gold should equal 1/20th of the total weight of the finished item. The surface layer of karat gold is usually 10kt/ct, 12kt/ct or 14kt/ct. However, for this ring set, 18kt/ct Gold is used for this process. 

To ensure your 18ct gold filled jewellery looks as new as the first day you received it, you should take them off when interacting with detergents or harsh chemicals. For example; when washing dishes, cleaning up or swimming. With the proper care, you too can have your gold filled jewellery last well over 75 years like many others who are enjoying the benefits of getting quality and durability without a hefty price tag. So what are you waiting on treat yourself or someone special to one today!

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Thursday, 1 August 2013



Wearing a pair of earrings can bring more life to your chosen outfit of the day. If you like attending parties or getting dressed up, then it's time to ensure you have a wide range of matching earrings to suit your wardrobe. Even though there are many of these on the high street, you still need to ask yourself the question which ones are the most suitable for you. Below are the typical types of pierced earrings that you can find on the market.

Stud Earring – This type of earring has a single post that passes straight through your pierced ear and is complimented by a screw back post or a butterfly post so as to prevent it from falling off. Stud earrings come in a variety of metals and often complimented by precious stones, gems, diamonds or simulated diamonds. For more samples see:

Drop Earring - This type of earrings’ position drops below the lobe of your ears. Normally, these are earrings where types of gemstones, pearls or beads hang directly from the base of the earring. For more samples: http:/HYPERLINK ""/

But what if you are one of those unfortunate women with ultra-sensitive skin? What if your skin reacts easily to a simple piercing and scars easily?  … Thanks to Clip on Earrings, also known as, Non-pierced Earrings, you can still stay fashionable without having any piercing. Clip On / Non-pierced earrings are designed to have a hinged back so that it can be snapped securely to your ears.

Accessories of Envy has several non-pierced earrings to offer you. One of these is the Lavender 9-10mm Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Clip on Earrings. This can be worn for several occasions, simply pair it with your favourite dress and you will surely stand out from the rest. Grab one now!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Accessories of Envy introduces the 18ct Gold Filled 2.04ct Simulated Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Accessories of Envy introduces the 18ct Gold Filled 2.04ct Simulated Diamond Wedding Ring Set
 Every woman in the world would want their engagement and wedding to be extremely special. This is one of the moments that you will never forget in your life. This is every woman’s dream. This special day should be perfect.
Imagine this setting: The man of your dreams asked you out for a candlelit dinner in some luxurious restaurant in town, the most luscious dinner that you have ever tasted where you continuously sipped wine to warm you up. And then slowly, the love of your life pulls out a ring from his tuxedo pockets. This is it, the moment that you have been dreaming of and you gasp in surprise. This is the most wonderful engagement ring that you have ever seen. An 18ct Gold Filled Ring with Simulated Diamonds. 

One of the main goals of Accessories of Envy is to fulfill every woman’s dream. We have a variety of engagement and wedding rings to choose from and hence the reason we would like to introduce one of our newest products to make every engagement or wedding magical: The 18ct Gold Filled 2.04ct Simulated Diamond Wedding Ring Set. 

This 18ct Gold Filled 2.04ct Simulated Diamond Wedding Ring Set is perfect for anniversaries, renewal of vows, engagements and weddings. This gold filled ring is specially designed for women, complimented by a stunning 2.04ct Simulated Diamond main stone. It is surrounded by many small shiny simulated diamond stones on both shoulders of the ring. The simulated diamond stones look, feel and sparkle like real mined diamonds. This ring also promises long life durability because of its gold filled design and promises to last you a lifetime. The benefits of this ring are that it’s non-allergic and would not easily tarnish. It comes in a FREE black leatherette box that makes it more elegant and you will also be privileged to a FREE aftercare service.

Why waste your money on a ring that would not last long? Instead go for the perfect ring that would surely make your partner’s heart skip a heartbeat. 

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Sparkly Dark Crystal Jewellery Set

Sparkly Dark Crystal Jewellery Set

There are a lot of jewellery available in the market today. A lot of people are fascinated about wearing jewellery. Depending on a person’s preference, they can choose whatever type of jewellery they like. Some prefer to wear fashion or costume jewellery which is less expensive while some like the brilliance and quality of fine jewellery.

Jewellery can be made of a wide variety of metals such as sterling silver, gold, platinum, titanium, stainless steel. To make the jewellery even more attractive, gemstones can be added. These may include pearls, alaqueca, turquoise, howlite, moonstone, coral, diamonds, rubies or emeralds. Instead of wearing a single piece of jewellery, some may prefer matching or contrasting jewellery set to enhance the hues and tones in their outfit.

Accessories of Envy would like to offer you the most elegant jewellery set you could ever dream of, the Sparkly Dark Crystal Jewellery Set. This consists of a necklace and a pair of matching earrings and matching bracelet. It is made of crystals in sparkling silverish-grey hues. 

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Caring for your Jewellery made with Swarovski Crystals

  1. Inspect you crystal jewellery to ensure that the crystal beads are not loose.
  2. If it is, take it to your jeweller to get it restrung [there should be a knot between each crystal, to prevent them from rubbing against each other and becoming scratched.
  3. Please note that you should try to get your crystal jewellery restrung at least once a year.
  4. You can clean your crystal jewellery with lukewarm water and a clean, soft cotton cloth.
  5. If your jewellery needs extra cleaning, wipe with a soft, cotton cloth which has been dipped in lukewarm water containing gentle detergent.
  6. You can either air dry your crystal jewellery overnight by laying on cotton cloth or wipe it with a dry, soft cotton cloth.
  7. Please remember to put your crystal jewellery on, after the application of hairspray, perfume, body lotion or make up. This will prevent your crystals from losing their shine and help them to keep cleaner for longer!
  8. To prevent further abrasion, remember to store your crystal jewellery in a padded jewellery box [ which contains sufficient foam inside] and where they are kept separated from other jewellery. Also, ensure there is enough space in the jewellery box to comfortably lay the jewellery.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Caring for your gemstone jewellery

  1. Keep each gemstone set in a different compartment of your jewellery cabinet or in separate     jewellery pouches to avoid them rubbing against each other.
  2. Ensure the separate compartments or jewellery pouches are spacious enough to comfortably lay your individual jewellery set. Remember different gemstones have variying levels of hardness and can easily abrase others!
  3. For hard, non-porous gemstones**, you can use a very dilute solution of ammonia and rinse with lukewarm water. Then wipe gently with a lint- free cloth. It's safe to do gentle scrubbing with a soft-bristled toothbrush, on stones harder than quartz (moh's hardness of 7). Be careful not to scrub highly polished metal surfaces, as the slight abrasive action of the brush will produce a slightly hazy effect on the metal. A little soaking may be necessary to remove heavier deposits or alternatively you may need to soak your gemstone jewellery for a short period to remove .Please remember to check your jewellery from time-to-time to ensure the removal of the residual deposits. Then remove from solution as soon as desired effect is attained.
  4.  Pearls, Coral, and soft, delicate, Porous Stones such as Opal, Turquoise, or Malachite should be  kept away from unclean water and oils to avoid discoloration. You can clean these by wiping gently  with a soft, damp cloth. Do not wear your rings containing these stones while washing dishes or carrying out similar activities.
  5. If you are about to apply body or hand lotions, remember to remove your gemstone jewellery before first. This will help prevent buildup of residues, such as, dirt and oil around  your gemstones.
**Non-Porous Gemstones: e.g. gold, platinum, synthetic/created Emerald, Garnet, Moissanite, Peridot, natural Ruby, synthetic/created Ruby, natural Sapphire, synthetic/created Sapphire, Topaz, Tourmaline, Zircon, natural Alexandrite, synthetic/created Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Cubic Zirconia, natural Diamond, synthetic/man-made Diamond


** The cleansers for non porous gemstones can be a little more acidic in nature and are usually cleaned with jewellery cleansers without damaging their material component. They are also the most common gemstones used in jewellery. However, Silver and Porous Gemstones such as Opals, Emeralds, Pearls, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz, Onyx and Amber need a much gentler cleaner (soft damp cloth).

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Caring for your jewellery containing sterling silver

Sterling Silver Earrings with White Swarovski Crystals

Sterling silver contains copper, which adds hardness to silver. It also creates a tendency for silver jewellry to tarnish. Hence, avoid exposing sterling silver to harsh chemicals such as chlorine, cosmetics, perfume or even hairspray.
You can store your sterling silver jewelry in tarnish prevention bags or cloths. It is also important to separate your jewellry when storing it so that it does not rub against harder jewellry that could damage it. Use appropriate sized zip lock bags to keep your jewellery sealed and dry if you will not be using then for a suatainable period of time.
You can use Silver Cleaning Solutions which you can buy from your local store e.g. Argos to clean items which entirely contain sterling silver. However, for items like the stunning pair of earrings displayed above which is made of both sterling silver and genuine Swarovski Crystallised Elemets, it would be wise to use a Silver Jewellery Polishing Cloth instead. This way you can ensure that only the areas containing the Sterling Silver gets cleaned, avoiding spillage onto the other areas which are not made of sterling silver e.g.the Swarovski Crystallised Elements.
Hope we have given you a few tips about caring for your Sterling Silver Jewellery
Catch up with you soon!